The Family

Mom and Dad named me Brent Allen.  When I was 18 I bought my first bike because I was eighteen and they couldn't stop me.  Since then I have always been endorsed and ridden.  My philosophy is that "Any bike is better than no bike".  To put an Al Davis twist on it:  "Just Ride, Baby."  

As a video professional and a certified Professional Technical Educator I love to help people get the most of themselves operating anything.  I am a certified Idaho Star motorcycle instructor.  I have published two books, "Motorcycles, Life &..." and "The Elemental Motorcyclist".  My publisher Mike Fitterling is a great guy doing great things.  

‚ÄčMotorcycle tips, tricks & Techniques

Who iS Capt Crash?

The entire Crash Clan works to put together our videos.  You'll see Mrs. Crash as well as a couple of our kids in the videos if you look.  We love getting out and making videos that help riders get started or improve.  

Riding shouldn't be fatal.  As individuals we control a great deal of what happens to us and our goal is to help.  Our Mission Statement is simple:  Whatever it takes to help riders be more comfortable, competent and safe.